Audi R8 GT3 for the road a possibility

Having an Audi R8 V10 in rear-wheel-drive, built for the road - it may be the stuff of dreams, but if reports today are correct, production is one step closer to reality.
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The Audi R8 GT3 won the trophy in last year's FIA European GT Championship - its debut season. The amount of orders Audi is receiving for its GT3 race car is far in excess of expectations, with more than double last year's production said to be delivered this year.

With the success of Porche's 911 GT3 road car after its race production run, Audi has been inspired to produce a road-going prototype of the R8 GT3.

Lamborghini V10, R8 body, rear-wheel-drive - yep, seems like a decent formula for success.

According to Audi’s body-in-white chief, Armin Kappler, it has been built for appraisal, and that Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen Group's CEO is a fan of it. A decision on whether to produce the car has yet to be made, though. We can tell Audi one thing - it will sell. Guaranteed.

Production could also include tweaks to the spaceframe where Audi has identified areas for potential strengthening. Even more promising is the potential for carbon-fibre to partly make up the spaceframe instead, to fit in with its plans to introduce electric motors into some of its cars.

Word on the street is that it could also receive a DSG-style 'box, although whatever Lamborghini does is where Audi will follow - it its Lambo's V10 after all.