Talk about something totally out of left field.
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The Ford Mustang is an iconic representation of all that is ’Murica. More often than not, if there is an engine swap, it will be with some kind of big, angry, lumpy-idling V8 with more cubes than several modern family cars combined.

However, the guys from American Legends had a different idea for their ’68 Mustang shell. A very different idea.

Above: F136 V8 stuffed into the engine bay of American Legend's Ford Mustang.

Although the engine bay of the Mustang is quite spacious, you might notice the builders have had to make some modifications to the strut towers to make way for the extremely wide-angle 'V' of the Ferrari donk.

While it is far from the norm, this isn't the first weird and wonderful swap we've seen into a ’Stang. At the forefront of my mind is that Frankenstein GT-R/Mustang as featured in Tokyo Drift that sported a big single-turbo RB26, the heart originally from a Nissan GT-R. A swap that had Ford fanatics losing their minds.

Above: RB26 fitted to the Mustang in Tokyo Drift.

No doubt this swap is also going to have a few muscle car purists rolling in their graves, but we have to say we love it.

We can't help but think this swap was the result of a few late-night drinks by the guys at American Legends, who have kindly shared this build with the world.

The F136 engine usually finds itself at home in a number of Maseratis and Ferraris.

This particular F136 came from a Maserati, which means it misses out on the incredible engine note generated by the cross-plane crank, but still pumps out upwards of 400hp.

The intake manifold is sourced from a Ferrari California, featuring a pair of 96mm throttle bodies. We have been told this engine will be force-fed by a pair of turbochargers, and deliver power to the rear wheels through a T56 transmission.

We will be watching this build closely, and can't wait to get some videos of her running!