21 year old Canberra P-plate driver Joanne Gross has recorded one of Australia's highest ever blood-alocohol readings - a staggering 0.385 per cent.
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The result, 19 times the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit for a P-plate driver in the ACT, followed a road side breath test where police say Ms Grosse was so drunk that she could barely speak.

The ACT Magistrates Court heard that following a night of heavy drinking last November, Ms Grosse went home and continued drinking. When she awoke at 7:15am the following morning, Ms Grosse "downed a few wines" before her boyfriend drove her in to the city to collect her car. An hour later she was found asleep at the wheel of her car with two deflated tyres.

The court also heard that a woman who came to Ms Grosse's aid found her with her eyes closed. The woman also said that Ms Grosse needed to be shook slightly "in an attempt to wake her".

Two other women also stopped to help Ms Grosse from the car. A short time later police attended the scene. At that point, Ms Grosse awoke and "began mumbling", police said.

"There was a strong smell of liquor . . . and her speech was slurred," police told the court.

Ms Grosse was then taken to hospital with minor hand injuries.

Ms Grosse, a repeat drink-drive offender, was fined $600 for the offence and had her license suspended for 18 months. She was also placed on a good behaviour bond.

The court was told that Ms Grosse suffers from an alcohol problem but was undergoing rehabilitation.

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