Cleveland, Ohio firm Alcoa Auto Wheels is providing advanced lightweight alloy wheels for Aston Martin's exhilarating V12 Vanatge.
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Alcoa has been at the forefront of developing, producing and supplying forged aluminium wheels and other aluminium components to the global automotive industry for more than 60 years.

The distinctive lightweight forged aluminium wheels are designed specifically for the V12 Vantage to reduce unsprung weight to enhance steering, braking and suspension behaviour.

"The forging technology behind these wheels enables significant weight savings directly benefiting handling performance, ride quality, acceleration and braking,” explains Mr David Yates, marketing manager for Alcoa Europe.“Our forging process results in a superior metal structure that also improves strength and durability, allowing finer wheel detailing and lighter weight.”

The exclusive diamond-turned, ten-spoke design is one of the key visual features Aston Martin chose to differentiate the V12 Vantage from other models in the range.

The wheels are wider than those of the V8 Vantage, at 19 x 9.0-inches (front) and 19 x 11.0-inches (rear), and accommodate wider tyres for the higher, 1.3g cornering forces experienced in the V12 Vantage.

Lowering the car's unsprung mass has also improved steering response, braking and suspension behaviour while also improving straight line acceleration and, believe it or not, fuel efficiency.

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