Alfa Romeo is looking to broaden its range with a new large SUV and replacements for both the Giulietta hatch and 4C sports car.

Roberto Fedeli, Alfa Romeo's chief technology officer, has told AutoExpress the company is looking to go further upmarket with a new crossover based on the Stelvio.

Featuring an extended wheelbase, a new body, and, likely, seven seats, the larger SUV will weigh around 200 kilograms more than the five-seat-only Stelvio.

Fedeli noted that "to complete the Alfa range of products we need another couple of pillars – something in the C-segment and then obviously a sporty product, a very sporty product”.

According to the English magazine, deliberations are on-going, but the Giulietta replacement could be based on a shortened version of the Giulia's rear- and all-wheel drive platform.

If that pans out, the Giulietta's successor could occupy a unique space in the market with the BMW 1 Series transitioning to a front- and all-wheel drive platform from the next generation.

Fedeli cautions, though, that the Giulietta plays in “a very local market and not a global one”, with Europe being the only major market where small premium hatchbacks generate significant sales. As such, “it’s very difficult to make a profit”.

The company is also working on an update for the 4C, which is due in 2019. Late last year, Fedeli confirmed the revised 4C would not be available with a manual transmission due to an anticipated low take-up rate.

More encouragingly, Fedeli stated "being in the market with that kind of car is not a choice, we have to do it". Once the updated model is out the gate, the company will "have to decide if we want to install [a] different engine, or switch the architecture".