Beijing enjoying cleanest air in five years
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China has banned the sale of 553 new car models, in an attempt to curb its dangerous pollution problem.

According to a report from Bloomberg, vehicles being banned include the Audi FV7145KLCBG sedan (a version of the A1 manufactured by FAW VW), the Chevrolet SGM7161DAA2 (similar to the Holden Barina) and the Benz BJ7302ETAL2.

China has taken major steps to curb its air pollution in recent years, with plans to eventually phase out internal-combustion vehicles. Tight controls have also been placed on steel supply and coal usage.

Wang Liushueng, a Shanghai-based analyst, told Bloomberg this is the first official ban to come from the China Vehicle Technology Service Centre, but it won't be the last.

"To emphasize a cut back on energy consumption, such documents will surface frequently in the future," Wang told the reporter. "It's an essential move to ensure the healthy development of the industry in the long run."

It would appear the aggressive push is working, too. Beijing has enjoyed its best air quality in five winters this year – thanks in part to favourable weather conditions, but also thanks to the Government controls.