3.6 Litre Alloytec V6
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  • More aggressive pedal map for a livelier and more responsive launch feel
  • New variable intake manifolds on both engines to increase peak power and peak torque
  • New 7.7mm inverted tooth chain and newly-tuned harmonic balancer to reduce drive noise
  • New diecast oil pan isolates driver from noise and vibration
  • New Bosch E77 engine control system with digital sensors for crank and camshaft positions
  • Front and rear oxygen sensors provide better cold start and cold running performance and assist fuel economy
  • New engine covers feature acoustic insulation
  • High Output Alloytec matched to dual exhaust with dual outlets
  • Alloytec matched to single exhaust with single outlet
  • Internal muffler design and resonators for improved noise quality
Type60 degree DOHC 3.6L V6
Compression ratio10.2:1
Valve configurationDual overhead camshafts (4 valves per cylinder)
Assembly sitePort Melbourne, Australia
Valve liftersRoller follower with hydraulic lash adjusters
Firing order1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
Bore x stroke94mm x 85.6mm
Fuel systemSequential fuel injection
Peak power (ECE)

High Output Alloytec (LY7) 195kW @ 6500rpm

Alloytec (LE0) 180kw @ 6000rpm

Peak torque (ECE)High Output Alloytec (LY7) 340Nm @ 2600rpmAlloytec (LE0) 330Nm @ 2600rpm
BlockSand-cast aluminium with cast iron bore liners
Cylinder headSemi-permanent mould aluminium
Intake manifoldAluminium
Exhaust manifoldHigh-silicon moly ductile iron
PistonsAluminium, polymer-coated skirts, full-floating wristpins
CrankshaftForged steel
CamshaftCast nodular iron
Connecting rodsForged powdered metal
Additional features

Four-cam continuously variable cam phasing

Pressure-actuated piston cooling jets

Torque-based engine management system

Secondary throat cut inlet ports

Internal front cover damper plates

Cartridge-style oil filter