Owner names and signatures can be incorporated
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Mini has hung its hat on personalisation since its (re)launch in 2000, offering a dizzying array of paint, sticker, wheel and body options. Now, it's hoping to take the concept to a new level with 3D printing and laser etching.

A new personalisation program, dubbed Mini Yours Customised, allows owners to create their own side scuttles, dashboard trims, door sills and LED puddle lights.

Although the creations will be loosely bound by a set of templates, picky buyers will be able to choose colours and patterns for their cars, and even inject their own name into the design. Useful if you suffer amnesia, or have a partner with the exact same car as yours.

Rather than selling the parts through its dealer network, Mini will be using an online shop. Parts will be delivered to owners, who can then install them at home, or entrust the job to a local dealer.

Along with the colourful dash and side inlays, laser-etched door sills and puddle lighting, complete with the owner's signature, are being offered.

The program will be offered in Europe initially, with no word on whether it'll come to Australia. Stay tuned, we've contacted the local arm for more information.