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Tesla Model S-based Shooting Brake revealed

UK firm beats the Dutch to production
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A UK-based company has produced its first Shooting Brake, based on the Tesla Model S.

We know what you're thinking - "wasn't it meant to be revealed next year?" - but this is actually a different company and a different car.

Qwest is a recently-formed aftermarket conversion company based in Norfolk, UK, that has been working for over a year on the wagon-backed Model S, touting the vehicle as the "world's first and quickest EV Shooting Brake".

The idea for the Model S Shooting Brake came about during a chat down at the local pub, after one of the founders was "lamenting" the impracticality of his new Tesla - largely because he couldn't comfortably carry his dogs.

In terms of its design, the Model S Shooting Brake looks more of a traditional 'estate' than a swoopy shooting brake wagon, featuring a high roofline tacked on to the muscular rear haunches of the EV sedan.

Qwest is yet to divulge just how much extra volume the new rear allows for, though the shell itself is made entirely out of carbon-fibre, bonded to the Tesla's aluminium body.

The shell is colour-matched to the vehicle's exterior, and fitted with rear-quarter glass and curved rear glass sourced from Pilkington.

Qwest's reveal comes just a week after Dutch coachbuilder, RemetzCar, teased its own Model S Shooting Brake in a single sketch online.

RemetzCar's version of the Model S is set to be revealed in full in March, though production of the first unit is already well underway.

What do you think of the Qwest Model S Shooting Brake?