Toyota Supra won't be shown in Detroit - report

Oh, and it might not be called 'Supra'
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Toyota says the Supra isn't ready to go yet, meaning the hotly-anticipated sports-car collaboration with BMW won't be on show in Detroit.

Rumours suggested the 2018 Detroit motor show could be where the Japanese manufacturer would finally unveil a production-ready version of the FT-1 concept, initially shown in 2014.

Speaking to Motor Trend, Jack Hollis, Toyota group vice president and general manager of North America, said the car isn't ready for general consumption just yet.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Hollis also said there are "other names that could be better" than the legendary badge, suggesting the hotly-anticipated sports car may not wear the Supra name when it finally arrives.

Given the company has committed to expanding the range of Gazoo Racing products in its lineup, there's a chance the new coupe will wear a badge related to the racing team, although rumours have also suggested Celica is in the mix. Alternatively, the Motor Trend team threw Cressida into the mix – a left field suggestion, to say the least.

When it finally does arrive, the as-yet unnamed coupe will be the culmination of a joint development process (with BMW) stretching back to 2012.

Although both Toyota and BMW will have their rear-drive sportsters built by Magna Steyr in Austria, the two cars will have very distinct characters.

BMW has previously told CarAdvice the Z4 will be "absolutely unique."

"So we decided to join forces with Toyota, as far as the development process is concerned. As far as the design is concerned, it will be absolutely unique," said BMW's local boss, Marc Werner, earlier this year.

"Not only in terms of design, but how they drive and how they handle," he added.