Mazda to retain current BT-50 beyond 2020

Mazda will continue to offer the Mazda BT-50 in its current form and shape beyond 2020 while its joint venture with Isuzu progresses.
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Speaking to the media at the 2017 Los Angeles motor show, Mazda Australia's managing director Vinesh Bhindi confirmed that there are no plans to alter the BT-50 or adopt any Ford Ranger-based changes until the next generation.

"It's still a fair few years away [the Isuzu joint venture] and more likely post 2020. The current BT-50 is here to stay until we are ready to launch the next generation. We don't have any plans for updates at this stage [in line with Ranger]," Bhindi said.

Mazda doesn't seem all that fussed that the BT-50 won't be benefit from any major change, with Bhindi suggesting that the brand isn't chasing fleet sales like some of its competitors.

"Our business focus is private buyers, like Mums and Dads, while Ranger and to a certain extent, they fight it out for fleets, governments...we don't play in that game. The numbers don't reflect that on face value," Bhindi said.

"We'd always love more [sales], but it's more for 'Mums and Dads'."

The Mazda BT-50 shares its T6 platform with the Ford Ranger, which recently received a facelift and adopted electrically assisted steering in lieu of the hydraulic unit currently fitted to the BT-50.

While it may not have the latest tech, the BT-50 remains a value buy and an entry point into the excellent Mazda service and dealer network.

Are you disappointed that we won't see a new BT-50 before 2020?