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Toyota FT-AC concept unveiled

The Toyota FT-AC has been unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles motor show, providing a glimpse at some of the design cues set to show up on future Toyota off-roaders.
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Short for 'Future Toyota Adventure Concept', the FT-AC is the second Toyota crossover concept to be given an American debut this year.

Following on from the FT-4X concept launched in New York, the FT-AC has the same off-road focus, but does without the former's retro focus. Designed for drivers who want to escape to the hills, desert or beach on the weekend, the concept includes a bike rack at the rear, which can be hidden away in seconds.

As the FT-AC is billed as a design concept, Toyota hasn't provided any specifics about the car's drivetrain. The company does say it was "imagined" with a petrol engine, a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, four-wheel locking capability, and driver-selectable terrain response settings.

Underneath the concept's grey plastic wheel arch protectors are 20-inch alloy wheels paired with chunky off-road tyres.

There are infrared cameras embedded into the wing mirrors, which allow interesting off-road journeys to be recorded. The car's built-in Wi-Fi hot spot and internet connectivity mean this footage can be easily uploaded to cloud services.

These camera units can be detached and used in a freestyle manner. Similarly, the concept car's front fog lights can be detached and used as a torch or attached to a mountain bike.

LED lights embedded into the the front and rear of the roof rails can be used to provide extra light when driving at night or as ambient lighting when camped out.