There's one rule of thumb when it comes to making a sports car - if it sells well, turn it into a convertible. Porsche has done just that, but not with one of its sports coupes. This time the Panamera will have its lid lopped off, if these patent application images are to be believed.
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According to UK publication Autocar, new patents filed in America show a less traditional four door convertible, which looking at the boot space would undoubtably be a soft top.

To help strengthen the more angled windscreen, small quarter windows have been added at the base of the A-pillar, and the use of four doors certainly means practicality would be increased, with ease of entry and exit, as well as increased legroom over a two door version.

Certainly weight would be up with rigidity being of prime concern - you can't lose a B-pillar without stiffening somewhere else, which also increases overall mass.

More details as they come to hand.

Source: Autocar