Nissan: Apple CarPlay coming soon

Nissan Australia has confirmed it is working to bring Apple CarPlay compatibility to its range, but it's yet to provide a concrete time-frame – nor a definitive model – for the smartphone-mirroring technology's local debut.
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Speaking with CarAdvice at the local launch of the updated Qashqai SUV (stay tuned for the review on Friday), the new local Nissan boss, Stephen Lester, said Apple CarPlay will become the norm in the range "very soon".

"This will get adopted in a number of our models," he said.

"Going forward, embracing technology like Apple CarPlay will become normal for Nissan."

Above: 2018 Nissan Leaf infotainment system with Apple CarPlay

Lester remained tight-lipped as to which upcoming model could debut Apple CarPlay locally, but it could be as soon as the new-generation Leaf electric vehicle (EV), scheduled to arrive Down Under sometime in late-2018.

A handful of Nissan models offer the smartphone-mirroring system in overseas markets, including the Maxima in the US (top) and the new-generation Micra hatch in Europe.

This news comes as the navigation system in current Nissan models – think Qashqai and X-Trail – continues to lag behind systems from rivals like Ford and Hyundai.