BMW iDrive 6 review

BMW's high-tech infotainment has come in for another big upgrade, let's take a look at what's on offer.
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The latest generation of BMW's well-regarded infotainment system is making its away across the company's line-up, featuring in every new and updated model for the past year or so.

Dubbed iDrive 6, the new system maintains its familiar style, with control available by both touchscreen and a button-flanked rotary dial mounted in the centre console.

What's new and good about iDrive? There's a new and customisable tile layout to the home screen, new mid-air hand gesture controls, upgraded satellite navigation display and speed, along with traffic congestion communications tech.

Media options have been tweaked, too, and Apple CarPlay is available at an extra cost. No Android Auto, though.

Catch Paul's video above to learn more, and watch for even more infotainment reviews in the future!