Lamborghini Murcielago – Dancing on Ice

Spy photographers are a lonely breed, often hiding out in sub-zero temperatures, while trying to snap perfectly focused shots of cars not yet seen by anyone in the automotive world.
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It’s a highly specialised business, where the art lies in capturing high- resolution images of these vehicles, up close and with as little camouflage as possible.

But the problem with this profession, is that these guys are car nuts yet they rarely get a steer in anything worthy of any note.

So when Andreas, our German based shooter sent through some pics of a white Mucielago Roadster in the snow this week, we were pleasantly surprised and downright green with envy.

Friends working for a TV production company, who were shooting a story on Driving on Ice with the Audi R8 and the potent RS6 Avant, drove up in the Lamborghini from Germany and handed it to Andreas while they did the course.

Driving on Ice 66,5? is a German company who run unforgettable driving courses on the snow and ice in some of the world’s most powerful supercars. The location for this madness in Arvidsjaur/ Sweden, which is just 100 kilometres from the Arctic Circle.

No doubt, it’s a hair rasing experience, but it’s something we’d love a shot at sometime in the future.

Andreas apologises for not getting any drifting shots, as he was all by himself in the Lambo. Not good enough mate.

Enjoy the pics!