Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has taken part in in the UK's first road tests for autonomous and connected vehicles this week, as part of the UK Autodrive project.
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The company has already revealed it is developing fully- and semi-autonomous technologies for future models, and these latest tests show that JLR is one step closer to bringing the systems to market.

Part of the testing is to see whether connected and autonomous vehicles can replicate human behaviour and reactions whilst driving in real-world environments.

Unlike some companies, which believe full-autonomy will one day become the norm for all commuters, JLR is maintaining that it will offer customers the choice - particularly when Jaguar products are known for their sporty drive.

"Jaguar Land Rover is developing both fully and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies to offer customers a choice of an engaged or autonomous drive, while maintaining an enjoyable and safe driving experience," the manufacturer said in its press release.

"The company's vision is to make the self-driving car viable in the widest range of real-life, on- and off-road driving environments and weather."

A Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Sport were on test, featuring an array of prototype self-driving systems and connected technologies.

"Testing this self-driving project on public roads is so exciting, as the complexity of the environment allows us to find robust ways to increase road safety in the future," said Nick Rogers, executive director of product engineering for JLR.

"We are supporting innovative research that will be integral to the infrastructure, technology and legal landscape needed to make intelligent, self-driving vehicles a reality within the next decade."