The new CEO of Ferrari of North America, Mr Marco Mattiacci, has quite the challenge ahead as he attempts to prop up faltering US sales.
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Ferrari sales fell 14 per cent last year to 1467 units with US dealers saying the manufacturer would only building cars for customers with signed contracts - no dealer or showroom stock was available.

Dealers also say the timing of the new Ferrari California coupe missed its mark last year. By not arriving until midsummer, more than half way through prime selling season, dealers say many potential buyers went elsewhere.

But Mr Mattiacci is certain he can improve US buyer's confidence in the brand's heritage and product lineup with better supply and two new models sure to bolster 2010 US sales.

As head of marketing for Ferrari of North America until 2006 (and CEO of Ferrari Asia Pacific until December 2009), Mr Mattiacci has promised to continue Ferrari's marketing mystique which he defines as "exclusivity, exclusivity, exclusivity."

Ferrari will place a strong sales focus on its 458 Italia this year with US deliveries already starting to trickle through. The new model replaces the Ferrari 430, which US described as their "bread-and-butter" seller.

US dealers are also supportive of their new CEO, with one saying: "It wasn't like a stranger coming out of the woodwork. Knowing that he was coming, everyone had a strong comfort zone."

Ferrari's global revenue fell more than 7 per cent last year to 1.78 billion Euros (AUD$2.67 billion).