It's official: Ford Endura is the name you'll see on local versions of the imported Edge SUV, due here in 2018 as a successor to the big Australian-made Territory that retired in October.
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UPDATE, 25/05/2018: The Endura will go on sale during December 2018.

When the Endura goes on sale, it is expected to launch from $49,990 with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. Read more on that here.

Although pricing is still to be made official, Ford has at least confirmed the diesel-only offering.

It was no secret that Ford would be unable to use the Edge name in Australia, with Toyota already owning that trademark here - and it confirmed previously that the name would be staying put at the big T.

Ford is also known to have secured the name Equator earlier this year, leading to speculation it had finally settled on a local name for the Edge. Just a few months later, however, it locked down another option: Endura, reported by CarAdvice in May.

Ford confirmed the Endura name today, continuing the E-themed naming that features across most of its global SUV line-up. The name is offered as a catchier and perhaps more easily trademarked shortening of 'endurance', "representing strength, durability, reliability and sportiness".

"Market research conducted resulted in ‘Endura’ resonating most, relative to the features and capability of the vehicle, as well as being unique and contemporary," the company says.

The Endura will join the burly off-roading Everest, the mid-sized Escape (previously Kuga) and the compact EcoSport, which will be updated in the coming months. Updates to the Escape and Everest are also both confirmed for 2018, although specific details on those are still to come.

The company says the Endura will enter as a "highly-equipped" five-seater, again leaving a question mark over whether we'll see a version of the seven-seat Edge that is currently only offered in overseas markets.

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