Nissan Australia has issued a recall for 24,800 of its current-generation 2013-2016 'J11' Qashqai SUVs over concerns the wheel arch protector could contact and wear through the brake hose.
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The company reports that insufficient rigidity may cause the lower edge of the rear right wheel arch protector to become deformed "under certain limited conditions". Using the vehicle at high speeds or high loading could cause the wheel arch protector to contact the brake hose.

If the condition occurs, repeated contact could wear through the outer protective layer of the brake hose, which could lead to a hole. This would result in fluid leakage from one of the two hydraulic circuits, leading to increased brake pedal travel and the brake malfunction indicator light to illuminate.

The recalled Qashqai units were produced between November 2013 and May 2016. A VIN list for these vehicles can be viewed here.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by Nissan via mail, and will be advised to contact their local dealer to arrange the retaining bracket to be fitted free of charge.