Infiniti Q30,QX30 recalled for airbag fix

Infiniti Australia has recalled 532 examples of its Q30 and QX30 for a fault with the steering column which, if not addressed, could trigger the driver airbag.
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According to the company, the steering column has no electrical connection to ground except other than a 'spiral cable'.

Initially, a fault in the cable will make the airbag warning light illuminate in the dashboard. If the driver ignores the warnings and keeps driving for an "extended period", electrostatic charge could build up on the steering wheel and, under "very limited" circumstances, it could be discharged through the electrical circuit of the airbag.

In the worst case scenario, that could be enough to cause an "unintended deployment" of the driver's airbag.

Once parts become available, owners of the affected vehicles will be advised to contact their local Infiniti dealer, and organise a time to have a 'slip ring' that grounds the steering column fitted.

A list of the affected VIN numbers can be found here.