Mercedes-Benz SLK spy photos

It's not the first time CarAdvice has shown you pictures of the upcoming 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK, but these are certainly the clearest - and least camouflaged - shots yet of the baby SLS.
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The size of the new SLK looks much the same as the current model, though hopefully Mercedes-Benz has worked hard with the knife to cut off some unnecessary kilos.

The grille is very much like the current Mercedes-Benz SLS, and we can also see the LED-indicators beneath the headlamp assembly. Mirrors have moved down on the door blade and this time the folding roof will feature a big part in glass, if it will be standard or an option is not clear yet.

Rear lights seem to be LED type and the ugly whip antenna has moved from the rear guard to the boot lid.

We can expect a new range of engines with the new series and this time we will probably find a diesel engine under the hood for the first time in the SLK history.

So, when will we see the SLK in all its glory? It could be at the Mercedes-Benz stand at the Paris Auto Show in September, but it feels more likely that Mercedes-Benz will unveil its new SLK at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

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