The Isuzu FD-SI delivery van concept has been unveiled this week at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.
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Every Tokyo motor show features small boxy vehicles designed to maximise every inch of road space they use, and this year was no exception.

The Isuzu FD-SI made its debut on the truck and ute specialist's stand and, while it's commendably narrow, it looks to considerably longer than permitted in the kei car class.

Among the concept's many distinguishing features are its two-tone blue exterior paint job, honeycomb side window covers, and partially covered wheels.

The FD-SI also features a centrally located driver's seat, but seemingly no passenger seats.

Isuzu says the concept has been designed for "comfortable living and operability", and has "a loading structure with excellent strength and space efficiency", but has not revealed any details about the FD-SI's drivetrain.

Production, we'd hazard to guess, seems unlikely, but this is the company that turned the VehiCross concept into a showroom-ready vehicle.


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