Motor shows are all about cars like the Alfa Romeo-inspired Bertone Pandion concept.
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The doors are nearly 12-foot long, embrace the front wheel arches and are hinged to the very rear corners. When open, they reach for the sky, as if worshipping the design beneath.

The Alfa family grille has been incorporated like never before, and other than that the vehicle is completely unrecognisable, save for the badging.

There’s glass where logic tells you there should be metal, designer deck-chairs in place of bucket seats, and shards of metal where you would historically find a car’s rear bumper.

The interior almost looks as if it grew there like a vine rather than being designed and engineered, and there’s barely even mention of the 4.7-litre Alfa Romeo V8 under the bonnet.

Words can only do so much. Cars like this were supposed to be looked at, and enjoyed.

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