The idea of concept cars is ideal as they showcase cars of the future, however when you're Aston Martin, every car in your model range is already a showcase of the future. With timeless shapes and beautifully crafted ultra-luxury vehicles, Aston Maritn used the Geneva Motorshow to reveal the Aston Martin DBS UB-2010.
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The brand's CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez has now been with Aston for a decade and his tireless efforts have taken the brand to profitability. So then, it's fair to have UB (Ulrich Bez) as part the name-plate.

As if the 'standard' DBS wasn't special enough, the Aston Martin DBS UB-2010 is a limited run of 40 DBS (20 Coupes and 20 Volantes) that are all specified personally by Dr. Bez.

They feature a unique ‘Azurite Black’ paint finish, a metallic bronze leather with woven leather seat inserts and a ‘Cryptic Titan’ facia finish.

This will be the car to keep as each one of the 40 made will come with a ‘UB-2010’ sill plaques signed by Dr. Bez together with a final inspection plate after Dr. Bez has signed-off each of the 40 cars personally.

Aston Martin Australia's operations manager Marcel Fabris told CarAdvice "the limited edition DBS UB-2010 is available Australian clients to order, however will only be brought to this country should there be a retail order for one of these very special Aston Martins".