Hennessey Performance has provided a further peek at the upcoming Venom F5, ahead of its debut at SEMA next week.
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Named after the most lethal category of tornado, the Venom F5 has been set the task of outdoing the bonkers Venom GT, which has a verified 435 km/h top speed.

The first official renderings of the F5 surfaced in 2014, backed by some seriously bold claims about performance. Hennessey has said the car will be capable of almost 300mph (483km/h) – faster than anything from Bugatti or Koenigsegg can manage – when it launches.

While we still don’t have an official power or torque figure from Hennessey, we now know what part of the F5's interior will look like.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, there’s lots of carbon-fibre on the dashboard, along with a trio of air vents laid out like the triple exhaust. There are very few buttons on the dashboard, with a horizontally-oriented touchscreen taking up most of the centre console.

There are paddles behind the wheel, too, allowing the driver to manually shift the single-clutch automatic gearbox. By way of comparison, the Venom GT had an old-fashioned H-pattern manual gearbox hooked up to its V8 engine.

Hennessey promised to produce at least 30 examples of the F5 in 2015. Given the (as yet unproven) jump in performance, expect a jump in price over the US$1.2 million ($1.53 million) Venom GT to back it up.

Stay tuned for the latest from the Venom F5 launch on November 1.