Following its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Zagato have again displayed its stunning Perana Z-One (zee-one) sports coupe at this year's show.
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The Perana project is the result of a collaboration between South African based Perana Performance Group and Italy's Milan-based Zagato, a firm with over 90 years experience in building fully-operational concept cars.

Using virtual reality in the design phase, the team was able to construct the vehicle in under four months. The limited-build production run means 999 cars will be built each year, but the good news is it will be priced from only 50,000 Euros (AUD$75,600) - an enticing but introductory offer only.

Constructed over a tubular and box section chassis the two-seater Perana Z-One is fully road certified and features a 6.2-litre, front-mounted V8 engine to drive the rear wheels. Weight distribution is "almost 50:50", according to the manufacturer, to deliver a blend of "exhilarating, balanced and predictable road manners".

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