Much like the latest creation from Porsche, Volkswagen has released its first hybrid in the way of a Touareg.
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Coupling a hybrid drive motor to the existing V6 TSI, Volkswagen has been able to extract 279kW of power out of the system, with a maximum torque of 580Nm. The main advantage to the hybrid drive system is the reduction in fuel consumption, being slashed to just 8.2L/100km.

In addition to new engines across the range, Volkswagen engineers have taken to the Touareg's weight by reducing its mass by 208kg on the base model.

While weight reductions have occurred across the range, Volkswagen has also improved the Cd, dropping it from .38 to .35, a significant improvement in aerodynamics.

Volkswagen Australia hasn't confirmed whether it will release the vehicle locally, but you can bet your bottom dollar they would be very keen on having it introduced to the range.