Facelift and new tricks for big off-roader
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Australian pricing and details for the 2018 Nissan Patrol have been handed down today, marking its first major change since the middle of 2015.

Back then, the biggest change was in the accounting books, with a huge $23,400 cut from the newly entry-level Ti model for a new $69,990 number, while the top-spec Ti-L benefited from an even bigger $27,500 cut to $86,990.

For 2018, the cost of entry has snuck up to $71,990, and the Ti-L is now $88,990 - both before on-road costs are applied.

For the spend, you'll get a tweaked exterior look and a lightly updated cabin with a revised multi-touch infotainment display in the dash.

Above: the updated Patrol shown at the 2013 Dubai motor show

Nissan Australia does not yet have official photos of the updated Patrol we'll get here, so the images you see in this article are a combination of the North American model (where it's sold as the Armada) and the update that rolled into the Dubai motor show back in 2013.

The company's local arm tells us we can expect an updated grille with horizontal metallic bars, and new fog-light housings. New 18-inch wheels will also feature.

We'd bet on the Middle Eastern look (shown above in white) being closer to the Australia's update than the blue US-market model shown below, but we're told to expect official imagery in the coming weeks. Interior images, likewise, are still to be released.

Above: the US-market Nissan Armada

Other updates will include a more user-friendly update for the 8.0-inch infotainment display, along with two USB points in the rear of the centre console for second-row passengers. Two new 8.0-inch displays are also featured for that row.

"Twice the number" of front and rear sensors are also promised to make parking the big brute easier.

The Patrol's mechanical package is unchanged, meaning there's still a big 5.6-litre petrol V8 delivering 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque. As before, that grunt goes to the All-Mode 4WD system through a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Above: Australia's current Patrol

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2018 Nissan Patrol pricing

Nissan Patrol Ti - $71,990
Nissan Patrol Ti-L - $88,990

Pricing excludes on-road costs.