Adelaide’s push for electrification is surging ahead with the City of Adelaide and the South Australian Government joining Mitsubishi Motors Australia to open a first-of-its-kind, fast direct current (DC) charging station in the city’s CBD.
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Located in Adelaide’s Central Market Precinct, the eight fast-charging stations are the first step in what will see another 11 installed by the end of the October.

Funded by Mitsubishi, and at no cost to the City of Adelaide or the South Australian Government, the DC stations offer a charging rate that is five to six times quicker than a conventional home charging point. That means, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for example, can charge to 80 per cent capacity in around 30 minutes. The charging stations are compatible with a wide range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

“Mitsubishi has provided a fast charger at no-cost to the State as part of our commitment to supporting a public charging network for all electric vehicle users, we believe electric vehicle technology should be made available to the wider community, not just for luxury car owners,” said Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO John Signoriello.

“Our fast charger is compatible with a wide range of makes and models of electric vehicles which is an important factor in helping to building an equitable electric vehicle market in Australia.”

The City of Adelaide plans to install a further 25 charging stations throughout the CBD by mid-2018.

Electric vehicle sales in Australia have risen 65 per cent year-on-year to the end of August. However, the numbers are still small with 724 EVs sold so far in 2017, compared with 477 for the same period last year.