We have no idea what possessed its creator to build it, but this 1993 Mazda RX-7 has been transformed into what we reckon could be the most unique limousine ever designed.
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Here is what the builder has to say about the crazy creation, which you can actually find for auction right now :)

"A one off custom build using all the latest technology, from aerospace composites to the Nascar designed Roll Cage structure to the Lear-jet style power side door, this machine has it all.

"Powered by A Pettit Racing twin turbo rotary engine, this Limo is as safe as it is fast. Needs only some personalizing to suit the new owners taste, maybe a sound system and bar? 1993-1995 RX7's are the only Rotary Powered Twin Turbo Sports Cars ever built. As delivered from the factory these great cars hade astounding performance, 13.5 1/4 mile @ 107 mph. 0-60 under 5 seconds.

"Silky smooth power, a lightweight racing chassis, advanced suspension with amazing brakes and a smooth shape having one of the lowest coefficients of drag, a truer back to basics sports car. These are the ingredients that helped give the RX7 its Legendary Status among automotive enthusiasts and lovers alike making it one of the most desirable sports cars ever."


1.3 liter sequential twin turbo rotary engine

Air to air intercooler

Digital electronic fuel injection w/electronic boost control

Custom 3" stainless exhaust system

Full Trak Pro coil over suspension

Forgeline Race Wheels 12" rear rubber

Full instrumentation

5 speed dual cone synchronized transmission w/overdrive

Race type coil over shock-absorbers

4 wheel independent double wishbone alloy front & rear suspension

Power 4 wheel disc Anti-lock brake system

Torson type limited slip differential

Alloy wheels

Power steering

Air conditioning

Power windows

Air bag

Factory alarm system

Bose stereo w/power antenna

Wind tunnel body design for minimising drag and wind noise