And the driver thankfully lives to tell the tale.
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We recently posted a clip of the "Goliath" R35 GT-R racing, and beating, a 1000hp BMW M5. Even with a 400m head start, the BMW was no match for the modified Godzilla.

What we didn't show is what happens next... The GT-R loses control at 218MPH! That's 349KPH for the rest of the world... Holy hell, it's lucky the driver is around with us to tell the tale...

Above: GTR overtakes the 1000hp BMW M5 at around 320kph.

Above: At 218mph (349kph), the GTR loses control, veering off the runway into a field. It clips a landing light which sets off the curtain airbags. It's incredibly lucky the wheels didn't dig in and flip at those speeds.

Above: The damage was thankfully repairable.. Could have been FAR worse.

Meidan, the driver, from Team Insanity, stated that the rear control arm broke when it hit a bump in the runway, which sent the car veering out of control, up onto two wheels across the grass, into a landing light and thankfully back down onto all four wheels, instead of digging in and flipping.

The car is affectionately known as "The grey Goliath", and pushes out over 1900+whp (around 2300hp engine horsepower). The engine is a VR38 with twin GT45s, Switzer special manifolds/dps/intercoolers.

Thanks to Team Insanity for this clip!

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