This is what dreams are made of.
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If there was ever a purely insane build, this is it! Jason ‘Mullet’ is one very prominent member of the Texas car scene with one of the world’s fastest and most modified Ford GTs.

We had the pleasure of meeting him and getting some in-car footage – something not everyone is lucky to get to do! Massive thanks, Jason, we can’t thank you enough.

Built by M2K Motorsports, Mullet’s recently rebuilt setup is said to push out over 2,400hp and is incredibly fast! We love it!

Above: The engine is plated in real gold!

Here’s some pics of Mullet’s insane “man cave” which we were invited to, along with some details pics. Be sure to check out the video up top, too, which we shot at TX2K a couple of years back.

Above: One of the most impressive man caves i've ever seen.