Toyota has come out on top of all other automotive marques in the 2017 Interbrand Best Global Brands report, with luxury marques Mercedes-Benz and BMW rounding up the top three car manufacturers.
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While the Top 100 list is dominated by technology giants Apple, Google and Microsoft, Japan's Toyota managed seventh in the overall rankings. Germany's Mercedes-Benz slipped into the top 10, placing ninth.

Fellow German luxury brand BMW ranked 13th on the chart, while Honda placed 20th. Other companies listed in the top 50 include Ford (33rd), Hyundai (35th), Audi (38th), Nissan (39th), Volvo (39th), Volkswagen (40th) and Porsche (48th).

Rounding out the automotive efforts in the top 100 were Kia (69th), Land Rover (73rd), Mini (87th), Ferrari (88th) and Tesla (98th). Ferrari actually made its debut in Interbrand's report this year.

The report generates its rankings based on three key aspects that contribute to the brand's cumulative value: financial performance, the role the brand plays in influencing customer service, and the strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings.

Interestingly, despite staying on top, Toyota's overall brand value fell by 6.0 per cent to US$50,291 million ($63,354m), while Mercedes-Benz gained 10.0 per cent to reach US$47,829 million ($60,253m).

Other notable increases were by Land Rover (up 7.0 per cent), Kia and Porsche (both up 6.0 per cent).

Brands that showed the most growth overall include Facebook (up 48 per cent), Amazon (29 per cent), Adobe (19 per cent), Adidas (17 per cent) and Starbucks (16 per cent). Facebook has been the top-growing brand for two consecutive years.