The Citroen C5 HDi Wagon is one the most technically advanced wagons on sale in Australia. With its fully automatic self-leveling suspension, headlights that can see around corners, its ability to 'kneel' down for easy loading and lift itself up to loading docks, windows that close automatically when it rains, not to mention the turbo diesel engine that is economical and quick, the C5 has always presented a good choice for those who are after a European wagon.
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But Citroen has taken the C5 wagon to a new level with the launch of the latest C5 HDi wagon, which is now fitted with the latest 2.0 litre 100 kW diesel engine that uses the latest variable displacement turbocharger with overboost and a particulate filter to lift performance, drivability, economy and cut emissions. To enhance this engine, it is mated to a new six speed automatic gearbox that ensures smoother performance and maximized economy. The old C5 came with a four speed auto.

Matching the technical improvements to the Citroen C5 diesel models, Citroen Australia has also boosted equipment levels. The C5 HDi models now count in their already comprehensive equipment list

  • Xenon steerable headlights with headlight washers,
  • front and rear parking sensors,
  • colour-matched bumpers
  • side protection stripes,
  • automatic folding door mirrors
  • self-dipping interior rear view mirror.

The new Citreon C5 HDi wagon arrives in Australia with a recommended retail price of $51,990.

"The Citroen C5 was already nothing short of a technical tour de force and this new drivetrain does nothing less than extend its advantage over all its rivals, but this is not technology for technology's sake. It all provides real world advantages. Take the suspension for example. What ever the load, the C5 not only stays level, it also has full suspension travel; the ride is not affected, nor is the handling or the road holding.""The C5's unique suspension means that the car can be raised on rough roads, the tail can be raised and lowered to ease loading and it has longer service intervals than conventional suspension. The C5 HDi has a host of safety features, including ESP, ABS, automatic lights and wipers, and a crash safety standard that set a new benchmark in the Euro-NCAP safety tests. Add the new engine and gearbox and the C5 also sews up economy and performance, making the C5 HDi Wagon the car against which all others must be judged." explains Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroen Australia. "

The 2.0 litre HDi 138 16 valve engine turbo diesel engine develops 100 kW CEE (138 bhp DIN, hence the name) and a maximum torque of 320 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The overboost function increases maximum torque to 340 Nm at 2,000rpm at full engine load during, for example, acceleration.

The Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) version meets the Euro IV emission standard. The new-generation common-rail direct injection system on the new HDi 138 is supplied by Siemens and the engine features a second-generation injection system and a variable-geometry turbocharger. Like the HDi 110 fitted to the acclaimed Citroen C4 HDi, it is designed to manage up to six different injections programmes. The system also delivers injection pressure of 1,600 bars.

This engine makes full use of the potential offered by the common-rail system with its multiple injection technology and the enhanced management of fuel injection into each cylinder, providing four injections per engine cycle: * Two pilot injections to reduce combustion noise, * Two main injections to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at source. The injection system also works with the DPFS with two additional post-injections improve regeneration efficiency.

Developed with AISIN A.W, new six speed automatic gearbox for the Citroen C5 HDi has been designed specifically to combine a six-speed transmission with a high-torque engine placed transversely installed in the engine bay.

This gearbox uses the gear ratio combinations of two epicyclical gear trains, one single and one double. The system is controlled by just five friction components, managed by a compact integrated control unit.

As a result, this gearbox is lighter and more compact than any other six-speed gearbox to date. Both the weight and dimensions are comparable to those of a four-speed automatic unit, and better than those of five-speed transverse automatic transmissions with the same torque capacity.

The weight of the AM6 gearbox has thus been kept down to 92 kg, a value comparable, for example, with that of the previous four-speed 4HP20-type gearbox. The first ratio is shortened in order to provide a high-speed take-off. All six gear ratios are designed to make maximum use of the engine, with only a slight fall in engine revs at each gear change. This design optimises the car's acceleration performance.

The sixth gear ratio has been chosen to lower fuel consumption and also noise, which is already very low. The AM6 gearbox offers a choice of two management modes for enhanced driving pleasure: automatic auto-adaptive mode for stress-free driving, and a more active sequential control mode.

The instrument cluster displays the programme selected (auto-adaptive, sport or snow) or the gear used (sequential mode). For increased safety, the gearbox features a "shift lock" function to prevent the driver shifting from the Parking (P) position without also applying the brakes. At the same time, a buzzer sounds if the driver opens the door without first placing the gearlever in the Parking position.