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Honda 3R-C concept to preview the future at Geneva

One vehicle set to debut on Honda’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show next week hasn’t been designed to give an impression of what we will be driving in five months time or even five years time.
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The Honda 3R-C could be looking closer to five decades into the future of minimalist single-person urban transportation with its three-wheeled, battery-powered R&D experiment.

Developed at Honda’s Research and Design centre in Milan, the 3R-C’s electric drivetrain has been mounted as low as possible to improve stability and keep the centre of gravity close to the ground.

A clear canopy covers the driver’s seat when the 3R-C is not in use, and when in motion becomes a windshield for the driver who also sits very low in the vehicle.

The high sides around the seat increase occupant safety and protection from weather, while a lockable boot area in front of the driver means that storage space isn’t entirely neglected.

And while there is little word yet on exactly how the 3R-C works and how one drives one, let alone performance figures or production hints, rest assured the boffins at Honda are keeping a few surprises up their sleeves for the official unveiling on March 2.