Surfboards made of concept cars? Bodacious!

Recycling program by Jaguar Land Rover makes waves
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Jaguar Land Rover is recycling its concept cars to craft bespoke surfboards with the help of Irish boardsmiths, Skunkworks Surf Co.

The car company's Waste to Wave initiative sees the polyurethane plastic that underpins the company's clay models for its concept cars recycled and turned into surfboards, rather than sent to landfill.

There's quite a bit of polyurethane plastic used, as it's the stuff that hides under the clay of the brand's full-sized scale models - you can see a cross-section of material in the image below, next to the television screen. It would previously be - and in other cases with competitor car makers, still is - disposed of at the dump, but this program, which is part of Jaguar Land Rover's strategy to become a zero waste-to-landfill business by 2020.

The company says this was "one of our last remaining non-recyclable waste streams" but now Skunkworks Surf Co will develop boards that can be custom made to suit their riders' specific wants and needs.

Skunkworks Surf Co spokesman Ricky Martin told CarAdvice at Jaguar Land Rover's TechFest in London that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"At the start we jumped at it, and not only for the chance to work with Jaguar Land Rover," Martin said. "It's quite hard to get new materials - most of the supplies come from the same group of companies.

"About 20 tonnes of it went into landfill last year - but we can make maybe a thousand surfboards out of that," he said. "They're customisable - they can be whatever size or shape you want, and they can have whatever artwork you want, too."

According to Martin, the production boards will cost between 800-2000 pounds ($1300-$3250), depending on the design, style etc.MORE: Land Rover news, reviews and comparisonsMORE: Jaguar news, reviews and comparisons