Sponsored: CarAdvice has partnered with tyre manufacturer Bridgestone, producing a short video to help build awareness for the importance of good-quality tyres. Here's the clip we helped them produce.
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You've heard it often enough: good-quality tyres matter in protecting you on the road. After all, safety isn't just a matter of optioning up the latest tech items.

We might go on about Autonomous Emergency Braking and the like, but the value of all collision avoidance tech is dramatically reduced if you're rolling on cheap rubber.

In 2016, CarAdvice ran a tyre comparison test, which, although focused on performance driving, highlighted the different characteristics of tyres from a number of brands.

Now, here's the thing: All of the tyres used were high-end rubber from a range of well-known, respected brands. And, performance testing or not, it became clear that not all tyres are born equal. Likewise, different circumstances and intentions will deliver different results from each option.

If you've opted instead for a cheaper option, you could be doing yourself a very real, very dangerous disservice. This is one situation where you do indeed get what you pay for.

To highlight the differences, Bridgestone teamed up with CarAdvice for a fun video that focuses on the importance of choosing tyres from a reputable brand.

In the video, comedian (and well-known car enthusiast) Shane Jacobson invites three punters along to test their tyres. The twist: They each also bring along a prized possession to put on the line for this tyre test.

Catch the video above! Ultimately, the takeaway here is that whether you go with Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental or otherwise - quality tyres make a difference.