Lexus has scored a great win being picked by Hertz to fill up its Prestige Collection. Hertz Australia will introduce the Lexus IS 250 sedan and the RX 350 SUV alongside the Mercedes CLC200K and Mercedes C200K for customers wanting to rent Luxury cars.
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The four-door, six-cylinder Lexus IS 250 comes with leather-accented interior, satellite navigation, climate control, a BluetoothTM*-capable audio system with iPod connectivity and reversing camera. Meanwhile if you're after something a little bigger, the six-cylinder Lexus RX350 SUV can hold up to 446-litre of cargo and comes with a six-stack CD audio system with iPod and BluetoothTM capability, along with reversing camera, satellite navigation, and climate control.

"Lexus is a premium motor vehicle brand which continues to grow in popularity around the world, we are proud to introduce two members of the Lexus family to our new Prestige Collection, which will offer a diverse selection of luxury vehicles to our rental customers in Australia," said Jacqueline Lehmann, Region Vice President and Managing Director for Hertz Australia.

Emphasising Lexus' quality as well as luxury credentials, the company's corporate manager of Sales Operations and Strategic Planning, Grant Barling said "as well as offering desirable vehicles, Hertz provides its customers with reliable vehicles - and under both criteria, the Lexus IS and RX excel".

"The opportunity for us to join the Hertz Prestige Collection will enable more people across Australia to sample Lexus vehicles, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Hertz," he said.