When it comes to motorhomes, there's money to be made, because cashed-up retirees will spend big bucks on a vehicle that allows them freedom and comfort in equal doses. It's no surprise, then, that this thing now exists - the Volkswagen California XXL motorhome concept.
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This new motorhome concept vehicle is based on the not-yet-released-in-Australia Volkswagen Crafter large van, and "provides a look into the future" for Volkswagen's increasingly diversifying Commercial Vehicles offering. According to the German company, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, this idea gives them an "opportunity to transfer the qualities of the California to the next size up in Volkswagen motorhomes and to refine these still further".

For the uninitiated, the regular California campervan is based on the smaller Transporter van, and may make its way to Australia to compete with the newly released Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

The new concept will debut at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf later in August, where VW will pitch the concept as "a more fully-grown variant of the motoring globetrotter" - and quite a sizeable one at that.

The California XXL has a running height of 2.9 metres, making it very large - certainly no underground car parks for this bad boy - but Volkswagen reckons the concept model's "sophisticated aerodynamics (including special indentations in the completely redesigned high roof) ensure that the drag coefficient remains within the favourable range of a conventional Crafter".

It's based on the medium wheelbase Crafter (364omm wheelbase, total length of 5986mm).

There's no pop-top, but that new roofline includes and integrated awning, and seems to offer plenty of space inside. There's a kitchen, wet-room with toilet, sink and shower, a bed "around two metres long".

There are no pics to prove it, but the brand reckons there's a screened-off living area, while the front seats can be turned 180 degrees. There's a bench seat, too.

The kitchenette includes a twin-hob cooker and refrigerator, and a bench that can be extended if you need more prep room.