Nikola Motor Company has released new renderings of its upcoming One hydrogen fuel-cell semi-truck, while also handing down initial details of the vehicle's infotainment and technology suite.
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Since the Nikola One's initial reveal, the company has revised the interior design to include a 21-inch central touchscreen which gives drivers access to most of the vehicle's functions.

Other information accessible through the display includes battery levels, range, wheel torque, cabin controls, navigation and vehicle data.

The screen also incorporates Nikola's Shipments freight software, which allows the driver to input departure and arrival, to be provided with all available shipments, hydrogen refill stations and service centres located along their route.

Drivers are also treated to a fully-digital instrument display, but despite the high levels of technology, the One's overall interior design is fairly simplistic.

Other features shown in the renderings include LED interior ambient lighting, two bunk-beds in the sleeping quarters and a small bedside tablet that controls the air-conditioning, lighting and other utilities in the vehicle via a WiFi connection.

Powered by a fully-electric drivetrain that draws energy from lithium-ion batteries and a hydrogen fuel-cell, the Nikola One claims a zero-emissions range of 800 to 1200 miles (1287-1931km).

The company says its electric truck produces over 1000hp (746kW) and more than 2700Nm of torque.

As part of the Nikola One’s leasing program, owners will be offered unlimited hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance during a 72-month leasing term.

Nikola is taking refundable deposits for the new zero-emissions semi, for US$1500 ($1904).