While Renault remains stubbornly quiet on the topic, we can reveal that the Renault Zoe launch is now imminent, with the vehicle recently listed on a government vehicle guide.
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As revealed by CarAdvice in June, Renault's local arm has gone through the motions of registering the Zoe with Australian government regulatory bodies - a sure sign of intent to bring the little electric hatch to our market.

Listings with the government confirm approval has been granted, and now the vehicle has been officially listed with the Green Vehicle Guide, a website operated by the government as a key resource to Australian car buyers.

According to information on the website, the Zoe will be offered locally with two variants — one will feature the choice of 15- and 16-inch wheels, while the other will come with 17-inch alloy wheels and a higher specification level.

The entry-level 15- and 16-inch wheel variants will offer an approximate range of 403km, while the heavier version with 17-inch alloy wheels will be able to travel around 367km per charge.

With up to 41kWh of usable battery energy, the new ZE.40 battery pack is capable of fast charging and has charging options that span from 60 minutes to 13.5 hours (depending on current available).

When it finally does go on sale, the Zoe is expected to be Australia's most affordable electric vehicle, with a starting price of under $40,000 expected.

Renault Australia boss Justin Hocevar told CarAdvice last year that the Zoe makes sense for Australia.

“This is why it’s very important that with some appropriate incentives in place to kick-start the category, closing that value gap that exists at the moment, will allow the category to flourish," Hocevar said.

"If people can understand it and realise they can live with electric vehicles… it may not necessarily be the car you pack up to go to Bourke with for the Birdsville races or whatever it might be. There are plenty of other vehicles for that sort of travel. But, as a second car in the drive or a fleet to get an overall fleet’s emissions down, it’s a very important vehicle to consider.

"But, quite simply, in Australia at the moment we do not have the incentives that many other countries around the world have to help instigate this category."

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