Peugeot's new distributor cuts prices

The new Australian distributor for Peugeot - extant Subaru importer Inchcape - has reduced the pricing of its 208 city car and 2008 crossover, almost three months into its tenure.
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Pricing for the 208 Active now kicks off at $22,190 before on-road costs, down $300. The Allure is reduced by $1300 to a more reasonable $24,990, ditto the GT-Line to $26,990. The GTi hot hatch remains $29,990.

Meanwhile the 2008 crossover entry point has been cut $1000 to a very competitive $25,490 - $3000 cheaper than an equivalent automatic-equipped base Nissan Qashqai ST. The 2008 Allure is down $1000 to $29,990, while the GT-Line drops $1490 to $31,500.

Inchcape has also cut the price of metallic paint on both cars by $400, to $590.

The announcement comes a week after pricing was announced for the new Peugeot 3008, now pitched much more clearly at European SUVs such as the Volkswagen Tiguan. The far more sophisticated new iteration will cost $36,990 for the base Active, out to $49,490 for the GT diesel.

A revised 308 small car range is also imminent, and can be expected to be subtly re-positioned to better match the just-launched Mk 7.5 VW Golf family.

Beyond this, the brand new 5008 SUV rival to the Skoda Kodiaq and Kia Sorento will arrive by early 2018, further broadening the company's reach here - headed by new managing director Anouk Poelmann.

Beyond this, a brand new 508 sedan and wagon is deep into development.

The new Australian distributor for Groupe PSA, the company that also comprises the Citroen and DS brands globally, has previously given us some insights regarding its plans for our market.

Peugeot is the semi-premium and mature brand selling passenger cars and SUVs in the mould of Volkswagen, while Citroen will be aimed at young buyers (hopefully meaning the C5 Aircross crossover comes) and also be the sole commercial vehicle provider with the Berlingo and eventually the Dispatch.

The DS luxury brand focused largely on China won’t come here for the foreseeable future. Two things at a time...

Inchcape has its work cut out. Peugeot and Citroen have both seen significant sales declines over the past decade, and they're both down a further 50-ish per cent this year in a record overall new vehicle marketplace.

The only way is up. The big question is whether Australia's already cluttered market will listen.

Peugeot 208 revised pricing:

208 Active auto - $22,190 (-$300)
208 Allure auto - $24,990 (-$1300)
208 GT Line auto - $26,990 (-$1300)
GTi manual - $29,990

Peugeot 20o8 revised pricing: