The teaser campaign for the new Nissan Leaf continues apace, even after the second-generation electric hatchback's design was outed in undisguised, but grainy, photos earlier this week.
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The new Leaf, Nissan claims, benefits from a greatly improved aerodynamics. The second-generation model sits lower to the ground and has a design "inspired by airplane wings", resulting in "zero lift for better stability at high speeds" and improved stability in crosswinds.

Nissan says the "improved aerodynamic design that makes [the new Leaf] even more efficient, allowing drivers to travel farther on a single charge", although the company has yet to provide a coefficient of drag figure or details about the new car's driving range.

Reports indicate the new Leaf will feature an up-to-date battery pack capable of giving the car a range of between 300 and 400 kilometres on a single charge. The current car has a range of between 135 and 172 kilometres based on the US EPA's testing cycle.

The company has already confirmed the new Leaf can be driven with just one pedal when its new e-Pedal feature is enabled. Nissan's first-generation ProPilot autonomous driving system is also expected to be available.

The second-generation Leaf will be revealed on September 6.


The company's Australian arm has confirmed it will bring the new Leaf here during 2018, although timing has yet to be determined.