Borgward has teased a concept car ahead of its unveiling at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show in September.
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With the edges of its bonnet raised to accommodate the car's wheel arches, the Frankfurt-bound car seems to be a sports car of some description, probably a coupe.

The teaser was posted on the company's social media feeds with the caption, "She is back!". The use of the feminine pronoun hints at a revival of the Isabella name, which graced Borgward's most popular model range, and included a convertible and coupe, as well as a two-door sedan, wagon and ute.

Above: Borgward BX5.

Any of these body styles would mark a departure for the brand, which was revived in 2008 by Christian Borgward, grandson of the marque's founder. It took until 2015 for the company to formally relaunch itself, and begin releasing concept and production vehicles.

Despite being based in Europe, the company has focussed most of its efforts on cracking the Chinese market, and to that end has released a series of crossover vehicles, including the BX5 and the larger BX7.

At last year's Geneva motor show, the company also unveiled the Projekt BX6 TS, a "coupe SUV" based on the BX5.