Tesla Motors has today unveiled the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 - and with over 500,000 pre-orders to fill, customers from Australia are asking when theirs will arrive.
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During a presentation today at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was keen for customers to understand when their orders would be coming through and wanted to assure buyers that the company is ramping up production as a matter of priority.

“We were told we’d never get to 20,000 units per year with Model S [after producing 600 Roadsters per year], well we’re now at 50,000 units per year of Model S. And with Model X combined it’s at around 100,000 units.

"We’re confident we can go from a production rate of 50,000 units per year with Model S to 500,000 units per year with Model 3,” said Musk.

“By end of the year, getting to that rate appears to be quite lengthy (10,000 units per month), there are manufacturers beyond my control. By the end of next year getting to 10,000 a week looks likely, but it’s hard to predict.”

The production schedule will begin immediately servicing the west coast of North America, followed by the east coast, then Europe and shortly after right-hand drive markets like Australia.

Australian deliveries are expected to start from early 2019, with Musk referring specifically to a tweet from an Australian customer, who asked when he would get his long-awaited Model 3 order.

Australia was one of the first markets in the world able to place a pre-order for the Model 3 and owners paid deposits of $1500 for a product they hadn't yet seen.

Tesla aims to produce 500,000 vehicles per year by 2019, which is a big task for a company that has never managed such a feat.