A new wearable bracelet, Steer, has been developed, that emits an electric shock if it detects a sleepy driver.
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First featured on crowd-funding website KickStarter, Latvian start-up tech company, Creative Mode, is aiming to lower the numbers of road accidents caused by drowsy motorists.

Steer (Tesla font in the logo, anyone?) is strapped to your arm, and once turned on, 16 sensors will analyse the driver's body, such as heart rate, skin conductance and the galvanic reaction of the skin every two seconds.

If the device senses drowsiness, a yellow light will flash, and a vibration will be sent to the driver's arm. But if the heart rate continues to drop, a red light flashes and a noticeable electric pulse shocks the driver awake.

From this point, it's probably a wise idea to change drivers or take a power nap, but its designers claim the electric pulse will raise serotonin and cortisol levels and you will be safe enough to continue driving.

According to its designers, "these changes will make you feel fresher and less drowsy and will return your heart rate to normal."

Once you start using the device, it will be time to forego the usual ways of trying to stay awake, such as pumping the stereo or setting climate control to high.

"Steer bracelet will wake you up better than 2-3 cups of coffee/cans of energy drink, and of course, it will have no negative effect on your health."

The Steer wearable is available now on KickStarter at a discounted early-bird price starting from USD $100 ($125) and should be ready by November.