The next-generation 2018 Nissan Leaf has been teased again, this time having its new 'e-Pedal' detailed - which the company says "transforms the way we drive".
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Set to make its debut on September 6, the Japanese electric vehicle (EV) will feature a mode that sees the accelerator pedal double up as a brake pedal, which Nissan claims can be used for 90 per cent of driving needs.

The e-Pedal function is activated with the flip of a switch. Acceleration is achieved by pressing the pedal, deceleration requires lifting off the pedal gradually, while lifting off the pedal completely will see the Leaf come to a complete stop.

Nissan claims the main advantage of its e-Pedal technology is that drivers won't need to constantly be shifting from one pedal to another, simplifying the drive experience.

However, the conventional brake pedal is still included for traditionalists or for more aggressive braking.

For more details on the Nissan Leaf's e-Pedal, watch the above video.

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Nissan Australia has confirmed the new Leaf will make its way to local showrooms, though an on-sale date is yet to be confirmed.