Honda has filed a patent for the interior of its "baby NSX" with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
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The renders were discovered by AutoGuide and Autocar. Although they show a vehicle without a front windscreen, we believe that's because the patent only relates to the interior.

Also of note, the car has an aircraft-style steering wheel with a flattened top and bottom. The interior also doesn't seem to feature a traditional instrumentation pod ahead of the driver.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the design is largely unchanged from the patent filed in 2015.

Although there hasn't been much news about the baby NSX project for almost a year, the small mid-engine sports car is apparently still being developed by the automaker.

Intriguingly in this day and age, the baby NSX hasn't been telegraphed by a column inch-generating and pulse-gauging concept car.

Last August Honda successfully trademarked the ZSX name in Europe. Reports around the time suggested the ZSX could use a version of the 228kW/400Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine employed by the Civic Type R.

In some ways the ZSX, or whatever it will be christened, will be a replacement of sorts for the long departed S2000, although it will feature a mid-engine layout, rather than the S2000's front-engine rear-wheel drive setup.

If the ZSX does come to be, it will be bridge the not insignificant gap between the S660 kei coupe and the megabucks hybrid NSX.