Donor versus recipient... which wears it best?
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With today's unveiling of the new, first-ever Mercedes-Benz X-Class ute, comes the inevitable 'first glance' comparison with its platform donor, the Nissan Navara.

The 2018 X-Class is not the first vehicle to be spun off the Navara, of course. Last year, thanks to the long-running alliance between Nissan and French car maker Renault, we saw the latter reveal its own Navara-based ute: the Alaskan.

But, while changes for the Alaskan were more limited - although significant in their own right - the X-Class benefits from more extensive changes that bring it closer to the style and intent of Mercedes commercial vehicles.

You can read all about the mechanical and functional changes in our comprehensive X-Class Revealed article, and see below for a more style-focused comparison of the two. (Note: some photos have been flipped to ease visual comparison.)

As the earlier concept confirmed, and just as Renault did with its Alaskan, Mercedes has given its X-Class a face that is without question a part of the brand's family styling.

This is no mere re-badging, as is still often seen in markets around the world across the commercial and passenger markets.

But, where Renault chose to leave the Navara's body otherwise unchanged when styling its Alaskan ute, Mercedes has leapt ahead with an almost entirely unique look.

As the above and below images show, very few panels were left unchanged. The wheel arches have been squared off, with a less distinctly creased flaring, and the character lines through the front and rear quarters are also markedly smoother, massaged into rounded, bulging curves for the X-Class.

Even the door skins, which at first glance appear unchanged, are unique. A new character line runs through the lower portion of each door and the handle surrounds have lost their depressed framing. Even the upkick in the rear door's window has been made sharper and more angular.

At the back, the X-Class gets a more classically conservative look, with slender tail lamps contained to the rear view rather than extending into the side of the tub.

Likewise, the cabins of these two utes could not be any further apart in styling.

Mercedes-Benz promised a premium look to the X-Class's inside space, and while the result may be open to debate, it is fair to say the German giant pulled out most if not all of the stops.

Indeed, the X-Class will be offered with two interior trims, one (first of the Mercedes pics below) a little more upmarket and luxury-focused than the other (second of the Mercedes pics below).

So, which wore it better?

Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to check out our comprehensive X-Class Revealed article.